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About Quantic Telecom

A serious Internet operator, without compromises

Founded in 2011 by a young, passionate and ambitious engineers team, Quantic Telecom aims technological excellence and quality, and considers the customer satisfaction as absolutely overriding.

Alongside our « public » activities (Internet access for students, networks for coworking spaces, hotels networks...), we now offer business services to operators and companies operating their own IP networks, relying on our infrastructure with a large capacity surplus.

Flexibility, innovation catalyst

The human size of our organization is an indispensable asset which allows us to stay close to our customers and to innovate every day by realizing - on demand - almost all the projects that we are offered throughout France and Europe.

From dual stack IP BGP transit services to IP / MPLS convergent multi-campus networks architecture, we are able to meet most of the needs of operators, regardless of their size (from the non-profit organization to the multinational company), by offering the right price, competitive and realistic.

Our network, at your disposal

Quantic Telecom is a LIR, member of the RIPE NCC, has its own IP blocks and operate the AS 198507.

We currently operate 3 main points of presence (PoP) located in french strategical datacenters : Telehouse 2 Voltaire (Paris), Cogent RNS01 (Rennes) and Cogent URO01 (Rouen). A third PoP will be installed in the new Iliad DC4 (Paris) datacenter at the end of 2016. These PoP are interconnected by redundant 10G fiber optic links.

Moreover, we can provide services in every Cogent datacenter and in most other french datacenters trough wave and level 2 transport agreements, negociated with some partners. We can also « link » every « off net » customer site in France through DSL, dedicated active optical fiber (carrier class) and sometimes through black optical fiber or optical wave, through Orange OWF bitstream links, RIP and third-party operators. Consequently, our network services (very high speed Internet access, IP BGP transit and Ethernet / VPLS transports) are available everywhere in France and in Europe.

Our peering policy and our transit interconnections

Quantic Telecom leads a neutral and open peering policy, encouraging local exchanges and consequently ensuring best latencies and the best possible quality for european destinations. We are connected to some Internet eXchange Points, including the Equinix-IX Paris, the FR-IX and the Hopus platform (« the routed exchange »), with more than 150 negociated peering agreements, including Google, Facebook, Netflix, Online, OVH, Dailymotion, Bouygues Telecom, Orange...

In order to get a complete and quality international connectivity, our peering agreements are completed by several transit agreements with international Tier-1 operators, such as Cogent Communications (3*10G) and Hurricane Electric (1G).

The balance between peering (70% of the traffic) / transit (30%) allows us to provide « Tier-2 » dual stack (IPv6 et IPv4) IP BGP transit services with an excellent european connectivity.

They trust us

Our clients are of all sizes and in all sectors. Their success is ours and we do everything we can to support them every day in their projects, that's why they trust us :

And tomorrow, you too could be part of this list ! So what are you waiting for ?